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Persist Online is a free-to-play zombie survival MMORPG. Explore a large, open game world. All buildings are accessible. Scavenge, collect, and craft equipment and useful items to persist in this dangerous environment. Bring your belongings into the safety of your bunker, start researching, and join or fight hundreds of other players for rare resources.

Warning: Pre-Alpha

Persist Online is in a very early stage of development. Much of the game can and will still change. Therefore it is very important for us to collect feedback early on. Join our Discord channel to access Playtests and become part of the community. Persist Online was created as a hobby project of two CipSoft employees. In the further development we are supported by CipSoft. So far there is no concrete timetable regarding the release.


Find equipment and weapons on your journeys. Dismantle items to gain access to raw materials. Craft new items and improve or repair your gear to get the best equipment, to prepare yourself for wherever you are heading in Persist Online.


Persist Online throws you into an unforgiving world full of dangers. Encounter dangerous creatures, including boss monsters, and watch out for other players which may hunt you outside of safe zones. Meet different factions in the game, defending their territories. Gain their trust or lose it with your actions.


Use pistols, revolvers, machine guns, sniper rifles, swords, knifes, baseball bats or simply an old rusty frying pan to defeat your enemies. Your skill will improve by using your weapon of choice. Team up with other players to defeat large enemies or attack other player groups.


Persist Online features a sprawling landscape. You can explore it freely – but be aware that things can get ugly the further away you roam from the bunker and safe zones. You can enter each building and rummage through every room. Daytime and nighttime will make a difference, as will the weather and the ocean with its tides.